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The Afton family is composed of 5 known human characters as mentioned in the Five Nights at Freddy's franchise, according to both books and video-games.

The Afton Members[]

William Afton/The Purple Guy/Dave Millers

A murderer, husband, father, and owner of the company called "Afton Robotics." William died by a Springlock Failure, while being chased by his 5 victims, which are now ghosts, and animatronics, Charlie(Puppet), Cassidy/Michael Brooks(Golden Freddy), Susie(Chica), Gabriel(Freddy), Jeremey(Bonnie), and lastly Fritz(Foxy). William is a father of three children, one daughter, two sons.

Clara Afton/Lora Afton/Rosa Afton/Rose Afton/Mrs. Afton.

Mrs. Afton was a mother, wife to the Afton Family. I will call her Clara for now, died from unknown reasons, but most people believe she died of a car crash, while crying in her car, and drove off a cliff on accident. She is a mother of three since she is the wife of William Afton. She possesses Ballora, an animatronic that William made.

Michael Afton/Mike Afton/Older brother/Terrence/Guy with White Mask/Eggs Benedict

Michael Afton is the oldest child of the Afton children. He played a prank on his little brother, causing the little brother to die. He was believed to be abused by his father, Michael had only his mother, Clara, there for him. He has to siblings, that died before him. Mike worked at all the pizzerias that his father had owned at one point of time, freeing souls. Michael died because Ennard, a pile of wires, and animatronic parts. He soon made his own pizzeria, which made him the Guy in a White Mask.

Elizabeth Afton/Circus Baby/Big sister/Little sister/Scrap Baby

She died by not listening to her father, and going to Circus Baby, which is now holds Elizabeth's soul. Later on, Circus Baby get scraped, and becomes Scrap Baby, and reunites with her father and big brother without knowing. Elizabeth is a kind, sweet girl, but she get angered very easily.

Chris Afton/Evan Afton/C.C/Shadow Freddy

C.C is the youngest of the family, died by a prank that goes wrong. C.C was then put in a coma after the prank, which gave him nightmares that killed him. Now he possesses Shadow Freddy. Also C.C goes crazy when he loses at Uno.