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The animtronic known as Unwithered Freddy is the first-ever model of the Freddy Fazbear Animatronic. This model was partially based upon the model of Fredbear (current Golden Freddy), which was the first Animatronic aside of Spring Bonnie, an early model of Bonnie the Bunny.

Freddy's role in the restaurant was as the main Animatronic, a robotic attraction that Fazbear entertainment made to entertain childen with a sister location FredBears Family Diner

Meanwhile at the Pizzeria, Freddy performs in the stage at the main room, where he performed as singer aside of Bonnie, who plays a Guitar; and Chica, who serves food and estimulates children to eat.

When Michael Afton (better known as Purple Guy or Purple Man)) came back to the Pizzeria to dismantle the Animatronics due to maintence problems, Freddy and the other Animatronics were moved to the Parts and Service Room, where they stayed from few years, aside of two Springlock Suits. After that, they where replaced by newly-built Toy Animatronics that took place in the stage. However, it is also known that the Withered Animatronics stored in the room have suddenly retaken functions, and this suspicious action was noticed by Jeremy Fitzgerald, the Night Guard responsible for surveilance in the Pizzeria in Night Shift.

When Jeremy eventually complained about "hallucinations" and actions of the Animatronics of attempting to enter his office and potentially hurt him, that aside of a malfunction in The Puppet's Music Box and ssfdsfdddddddddddddfSpringlock Suits apparently moving without any person inside; he was dismissed by the Company and the Pizzeria suffered brief changes as the older Animatronics were improved and switched back to stage, as well as moved to another workplace were a smaller Pizzeria was opened. The Toy Animatronics, The Puppet and the Springlock Suits were moved to Parts and Service and ceased to function.


According to the biggest donors of Fazbear Entertainment,

"All versions of Freddy, no matter the age, the formatting, the AI, or the design; will be a successful attraction that pulls the attention of both children and adult people. It is undeniable that we will keep evolving towards Freddy's design and improving his AI, but he will deep inside always be addicting in a fun way."

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