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Ignited Freddy is an Ignited Animatronic that was burn after Five Nights at Freddy's 2 and now is part of "The Joy of Creation" side-Story trilogy. He is a mangled combination of Freddy and Toy Freddy's burnt suit parts.


Moments after the events that passed through the first Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria, due to the rude awakening of Springtrap, who has burn the restaurant down and eventually burning in the way all of the Toy and Withered Animatronics.

In order to survive, the moldes of both Withered and Toy Freddy have merged to increase the steel durability, but the fusion resulted in fixation of both suits in one single endoskeleton after both were partially melted. The way Ignited Freddy walks suggests he is in constant swap divided between the control of both Freddys. The ashes that sticked into the suit have dismantled few parts and caused some of his parts to fall down, such as his Left hand, his whole Right arm, as well as his knees-below pair of legs and his jaw. Aside of these side-damages, it is still possible sight damaged that reflect on Withered Freddy himself, for the original model was already in state of decay.


The IA of Ignited Freddy is very similar to all of the other Ignited Ones, for his main objective is to penetrate in the bedroom as all of them. However, the difference is that Ignited Freddy assumes a simultaneous threat, for he can either move his attack from the near end of the Hallways (attackin in the doors), as he will sometimes peek his head in the Window from outside of the Home. There are few ways for the player to defend himself from Freddy, as he moves far slower than other Animatronics, but can attack from any direction.

If Freddy is heard walking towards any of the Doors, the Door must be closed to avoid his Jumpscare. The player must put attention into what side Freddy is attacking from. If he attacks from the Hallway, the player must either close the Door before he enters, or if he is already in, the player must rush to the opposite door and shut it tight to hide from Freddy. If he finds the player, it inflicts "Game Over".

If the player sights Freddy's head in the Window from the Bed, he must quickly close the Window, stopping him from entering the Room. If Freddy's head is not anymore there after the shadow baits on, the player must hide below the Bed to stop him from killing the character. If it's too late, Freddy will Jumpscare the player and eventually give him a quick "Game Over" screen.